Craft  クラフト

Koinobori こいのぼり

Requirements:   Newspaper, Coloured paper (origami paper is perfect), scissors, glue
1. Draw the shape of the Koinobori onto the top newspaper sheet.
2. Cut out 12 sheets and staple them together leaving the mouth open.
3. Count down 6 sheets and then start pushing scrunched up newspaper into the middle to stuff the koinobori so it is 3 dimensional. Then staple the mouth closed.
4. On white paper draw a large circle for the eye and then on black paper draw a smaller circle for a pupil. Paste black pupil circle on top of white circle and paste on the koinobori.

5. Trace around your hand on the coloured paper and cut out,  these will become the scales. 
6. Starting from the tail of the koinobori paste the hands with the fingers away from the head of the koinobori. Only paste the wrist end of the hand so that the fingers are loose to give a better effect.
7. After finishing one side turn the fish over and do the other side.