Thursday, April 25, 2013

こどものひ Children's Day


こどものひ Children's Day

Children's Day is the 5th May each year and since 1948 has been a National Holiday, although it has been celebrated since ancient times in Japan. Originally May 5th was Tango no Sekku or Boy's Day but in recent times it has become Children's Day.

Koinobori are the carp shaped streamers that families fly outside their houses on this holiday. Families often display warriors helmets called Kabuto or dolls dressed in tradition warrior's armour.
Like the doll's festival in March Kodomonohi is about celebrating the good health of children.
Children often take baths with iris leaves and roots to promote good health. Kashiwamochi is eaten at this time which is rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves and filled with sweet bean paste. 

Song for Children's Day  こどものひ

Carp Origami こいのぼり

Samurai Helmet Origami かぶと